Weather Discussion & Outlook

The Trof of Low pressure that brought us rain & snow yesterday is still overhead this morning. We are in the "eye" of that storm, but this Trof is in the process of splitting up, with one part heading to NE Montana, the other part heading to the 4-Corners Region. The Southern part of this weather system will hang around spinning in place over the 4-Corners & expanding in all directions this weekend. The main effects will be along the east-side of the Continental Divide the next few days, as that big Low rotates counter-clockwise creating an East-NE flow along the Front Range of CO & over SE WY. Much colder air within that Low will produce significant snow for those areas. Over here on the west side of the Divide, we will hardly know anything is going on over there on the east side! Ridge of High pressure builds over the Pacific Northwest & Northern Rockies keeping JH dry & mostly sunny Saturday & Sunday. It now looks like as that Big Low expands, it may circulate some clouds over us on Monday, coming from the East, with a small chance of a brief snow shower over the mountains. Other than that, expect dry weather & warmer temps Tues. thru Fri. of next week, after that Low finally pulls further away towards the eastern U.S.

© Jim Woodmencey, meteorologist