Weather Observations

Valdez Area Cordova Area Other Nearby Obs
Valdez 2, AK

Weather: A Few Clouds
Humidity: 30%
Wind: Southwest 6 mph
Visibility: 10.00 miles
Last Updated on Aug 31 2016, 2:56 pm AKDT

Valdez Airport :: (PAVD)
Cordova, Merle K (Mudhole) S

Weather: A Few Clouds
Humidity: 29%
Wind: South 8 mph
Visibility: 10.00 miles
Last Updated on Aug 31 2016, 2:53 pm AKDT

Cordova Airport :: (PACV)
Gulkana, Gulkana Airport, AK

Weather: Fair
Humidity: 30%
Wind: Southwest 4 mph
Visibility: 10.00 miles
Last Updated on Aug 31 2016, 2:53 pm AKDT

Gulkana Airport :: (PAGK)
Valdez Coop :: (PAVW) Yakutat :: (PAYA) Edgerton Hwy
Valdez Bouy Middleton Island :: (PAMD) Chitina
Potato Point Cordova Bouy Tebay
Seward :: (PAWD)   Tana Knob
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Mountain Data & Snow Observations

Thompson Pass Snotel Sites Other Sites
Rich Hwy MP 12 ::  (300 ft.) Upper Tsaina River :: (1750-ft.) Mt. Tiekel CAIC :: (5,971 ft.)
Rich Hwy MP 19 ::  ( 925 ft.) Upper Tsaina River graph Alaska Glacier Sites
Rich Hwy MP 26 ::  (2,900 ft.) Sugarloaf Mountain :: (551-ft.)  
Rich Hwy MP 46 ::  (1,348 ft.) Mt. Eyak ::  (1405-ft.)  
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Weather Webcams

Note: Working on updating webcams.....Unfortunately FAA links do not stay fresh for long!

Thompson Pass Area Valdez Area Cordova Area

Thompson Pass Cams (FAA)

Valdez Harbor Cams (FAA)

Cordova Cams (FAA)
Keystone Canyon Cams (RWIS)   Cordova  Harbor Cam
Milepost 19 Cams (RWIS)   Mt. Eyak Ski Hill Cam
Milepost 26 Cams (RWIS) FAA Cams Interactive Map  
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Point Forecast Weather Products

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Time-Cross Section & Meteogram

Middleton Island
Time-Cross Section & Meteogram

Valdez X-Section

Cordova X-Section

Middleton Is. X-Section
Valdez Meteogram Cordova Meteogram Middleton Is. Meteogram
Gulkana X-Section   Yakutat X-Section
Gulkana Meteogram   Yakutat Meteogram
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