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Local Satellite Local Radar Weather Maps

Infra-Red Satellite Loop

Pocatello BaseRadar (NWS)

Current Surface Map
Water-Vapor Sat Loop PIH Composite (NWS) Lightning Strike Map
Visible Sat Loop PIH Base Radar  (WSI) Wyoming Current Temps
Fog Sat Loop NW Radar- Precip Type (WSI) NW US Suface Obs


How to Use The Map

►Click on an icon (Valley, Mountain, or Airport) to obtain links to:
Current Weather, available in two different formats, for each location.

This is the MesoWest format, with a summary of the last 24-hours, and more.

This is the NWS format and lists all weather observations from last 7-days.

"Point-Forecasts" are also available for each location on the map.
There are three different formats to choose from here.

These are the standard public forecasts with icons and description for next 7 days, as well as other weather links from the National Weather Service Office.

Same data from the above point forecast, presented in a graphical format for each specific variable, graphs cover 2-day increments, click forward to see next 2-days, etc..

These graphs are made from the same data as the NWS versions above, but in a format that enables the user to set the parameters you want to display. From this site you can generate forecast graphs for just about anywhere in the USA.......or the World!