Expeditions & Climbs
MountainWeather offers specialized forecasting services for any activity in any mountain region around the world. From Yosemite to the Alaska Range, to the Himalaya and Karakoram. Forecasting for climbs, expeditions, photography, filming, search & rescue operations, or any activty where weather can make a difference between success and failure.

MountainWeather will also privide specialized forecasts for your most important weather-dependent outdoor activities, such as parties, concerts, or weddings.

Weather monitoring services are also available for insurance purposes or safety concerns for any outdoor event that may be affected or cancelled due to rain, lightning, or other inclement weather. Costs for these services will depend on the amount of time required, call or e-mail MountainWeather for a quote.

Forecasts Provided for Climbs & Expeditions

Taku Range, Juneau Icefields, Alaska    
Taku Range, Juneau Icefields, Alaska    
Denali, West Buttress, Alaska Range    
Denali, Muldrow Glacier Rte., Alaska Range    
2013 2012
St. Elias Range, Alaska/Yukon Mt. Huntington, West Face Alaska Range El Capitan, New Dawn
Revelation Mountains, Alaska Denali, Cassin Route, Alaska Range Sassar Kangri II (7518m), Karakoram
Mt. Huntington, Alaska Range Denali, W. Buttress Route, Alaska Range Denali, Cassin Route, Alaska Range
Mt Rainier, Cascades, WA   El Capitan, Sunkist Route
2010 2009 2008
Moonflower Butress, Mt. Hunter, Alaska Makalu Makalu, West Face
Denali Expedition, Alaska Denali, Alaska Gasherbrum II
El Capitan, Zenyatta Mondatta Sassar Kangri II, Karakoram K2 Expedition
    Lobuche & Kyajo Ri, Himalaya
2006 2005 2004-2000
Nanga Parbat Nanga Parbat Latok II
Kunang Chish, Karakoram Latok I Nanga Parbat
    Mt. Everest Expedition













Cost for Forecasting Services

A set-up fee is charged to allow for research ahead of time of the specific mountain area, and to allow the meteorologist to spend a few days getting familiar with the current weather patterns. Forecast will be for the exact location and elevations needed.

Fee is then charged per forecast, which includes a full discussion of the current pattern and outlook for the extended time period. We will keep you informed about the timing of incoming or outgoing weather systems, and provide as much specific weather information as you need about temps, winds, precip, or whatever other weather variable is important to you. Basically, we are watching the weather for you, so you can concentrate on your climb, event, etc.

Mountain Location Costs
Locations within the Lower-48 United States $25 set up fee
$25 per Forecast
Alaska & Canada $75 set-up fee
$50 per Forecast
Karakoram, Himalaya, or any other Mountain Regions around the World $350 set up fee (includes first forecast)
$125 per Forecast thereafter
Call 307-739-9282 to speak with meteorologist Jim Woodmencey to discuss details of costs involved with expeditionary forecasts, forecast delivery methods, and payment options.