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Jet Stream Analysis Map
Jet Stream (Intellicast) N. Hemisphere Jet
NCAR Upper Air Unisys Maps
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1000 to 500mb Thickness Map
500mb Plot 500mb Wind
U of Wyo Maps Canada Upper Air

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700mb Plot 700mb Wind
Univ. of Wisconsin Maps Ohio State Twister Page
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850mb Plot 850mb Wind
THE WIND MAP Surface Wind Flow Pattern


Streamline Flow Maps

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Jet Stream Level Steamline Flow

Surface Streamline Flow

Balloon Soundings & Aviation Weather Maps

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Latest Freezing Level

12,000-ft. Winds
Ohio State Skew-T's Seattle CWSU Center Weather Service Units
Unisys Skew-T's Salt Lake CWSU Aviation Weather Center
U of Wyo Denver CWSU Wind-Temps PIH/LND/SLC
NWS Sounding Analysis Environment Canada US Winds Aloft Generator