Advertising on will put your business name in front of a targeted audience of online users. These users are seeking the best weather forecast information available for planning excursions into the mountains or any outdoor activity. From loyal Jackson Hole locals to visitors planning trips, to outdoor users throughout the Western United States and Alaska.

Web Page Ad Groups

There are three different Ad Groups to choose from, which will display your ad:

  1. Jackson Hole Pages (5 pages total)
  2. Homepage & Weather Maps Pages ( 11 pages total)
  3. Mountain States Pages (12 pages total)

Ads appear on all pages within each chosen group.
(See menu bar on the website for a list of all the pages in each category).

Ad Types

Each web page has six ad positions on it:

  1. Top of page horizontal banner
  2. Mid-page Banner
  3. Two upper Right-hand column box ads
  4. Two lower Right-hand column box ads

Ad Sizes

Horizontal Banners within main content = 728 x 90 pixels for larger format devices
& 500 x 90 pixels for smaller devices. These ads will shrink to fit any device, from big screen computers to tablet to phone size.

Box ads in Right-hand column= 300 x 250 pixels.

Ad Rotation

The Top & Mid-page Banners on the Jackson Hole pages can have up to 4 different advertisers rotating through each of those two positions, with an equal share of the impressions.
All other positions, on all of the Ad Group’s pages, have a maximum of 3 different ads that can potentially rotate through those positions, with an equal share of the impressions. Number of impressions is automatically balanced every time a web browser is opened.

To inquire about availability of ad positions, and pricing, call MountainWeather during normal business hours : 307-739-9282.