Current Satellite, Radar, Surface & Upper Air weather maps for the State of Alaska. Plus: Forecast maps for the state and National Weather Service links.

Satellite & Radar

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Alaska WAM

Weather Access Map

How to Use this Map

  • This map can be used to access Current Weather conditions AND Point Forecasts for each specific location.
  • Current Weather observations are in 2 formats. …NWS & MesoWest.
  • NWS Point Forecasts have 3 formats to choose from.
  • Chose the NWS Graph button for the most detailed forecast info: hour by hour temps, winds, windchill, cloud cover, precip  & snowfall amounts, and lightning activity forecasts.
  • Use the Magnifying Glass icon to get a forecast for any location. It will stay in the center of the map as you move the map around. Zoom-in for a more precise location.

NASA Digital Elevation Map

Alaska Topographic Map

Arctic Sea Ice Update