JHMR Goes Deep, Top to Bottom!

6:00 am MST Wednesday December 28th, 2016:

On the Upper Mountain at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the settled snow depth at the bottom of Rendezvous Bowl (Elevation: 9,580-ft.) stood at 93 inches. That is the second deepest snowdepth for this date, in the last 42 years of records for that site.

The only other year that surpassed that depth was 20 years ago, on December 28th, 1996, when the snowpack was 110 inches deep.

The average snowdepth at Rendezvous Bowl on December 28th is 54 inches, which means 2016’s depth is over 3 feet deeper than average (39 inches or 1 meter, to be exact).

Mid-Mountain depths were also above normal, at the 8,180-ft. elevation, the settled snowdepth was 62 inches, or 14 inches deeper than the average of 48 inches.

The Base of the mountain, elevation= 6, 510-ft., the snowdepth was at 33 inches, which is a foot deeper than the average of 21 inches.


Summary compiled by mountainweather.com meteorologist Jim Woodmencey