So close to being the Snowiest Month Ever in Jackson

UPDATED: Friday March 8th, 2019……
The final snowfall calculation was just updated and submitted by the NWS for the  Jackson Climate Station for the month of February 2019 …..turns out, Jackson’s total snowfall was within one inch of the all-time monthly snowfall record, in any month!

Final total that goes in the books for February 2019 is 55.1 inches. The all-time record snowfall in any month is 56 inches, from January of 1969. About as close as you can get to that record, which has stood for 50 years.

That places February of 2019 as the second snowiest month ever record  in the Town of Jackson, for any month of the year.

In the Pow @JacksonHole: @camfitzpatrick. Photo: @jaredspieker

I also reviewed all the old records to find that the previous second place award for snowfall in Jackson was in January 1967, with 48.3 inches. February 2019 easily kicked that one to third place.

Updated Mountain Snowfall Numbers

At the Rendezvous Bowl site (9,580-ft.), on the upper mountain at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, February 2019 ended with 196 inches for the month. Easily becoming the Snowiest February , beating the old record of 149 inches from 2017.

As a matter of fact, the three snowiest February’s at this site, all occurred within the last 5 years: 2019, 2017 & 2014.

And this will go down as the Second Snowiest month in history at JHMR.

The most snow ever in a month was in December of 1996 with 225 inches of snow.

Still Snowing!….Wednesday morning, Thunder chair JHMR.

WOW! What a BIG February it was for SNOW in Jackson Hole…

Nothing like it in our history. OK, in our recent history, not including any past Ice Ages.

Post & Updated by meteorologist Jim Woodmencey.