Announcing the Launch of New JH Forecast Format!

Today, Wednesday June 22nd is the first full day of Summer 2011. With this change of season comes a new format for the Jackson Hole Forecast on

This is the first major revision of the forecast format in several years, and hopefully it makes for an easier to use and more visual experience.

Take some time to get oriented to the new layout. There is all of the same information you are used to getting, but now it is also displayed in a graphical format.

Mountain temps and ridgetop wind forecasts now go out 5 days instead of only three. The thunderstorm and lightning forecast also goes out 5 days. In the winter, that will be replaced with the snowfall forecast, which will also go out 5 days.

Sunrise/sunset times are now listed for the next 5-days, so you can track when the days start getting shorter! (Ugh)

The only thing missing right now from the old version, is the moon phases. We are still working on how to best fit that info on the page.

There is a printable version from the website that includes everything down to the 3-Day Weather Forecast Description. This is free to print and display at you place of business for visitors to read. (Saving your employees countless time not having to answer the question, “what’s the weather going to do?”).

The e-mail version of the forecast, which includes all the forecast information you see on the web, plus a detailed weather discussion and extended outlook written each weekday morning by meteorologist Jim Woodmencey and sent out to your e-mail address (that discussion does not appear on the website). The e-mail version will still be available to those customers who currently subscribe.

For more information about receiving the e-mail version, or any questions or comments you may have on the new format of the forecast, feel free to e-mail me or call at:


JH Forecast by meteorologist Jim Woodmencey

New layout created by AJ Best of Gliffen Designs in Jackson, WY